Over 20 Years in the Making

Over 20 years ago Ron Cowan blended his skills as a craftsman and his passion for wine into a decades long quest to create a design and manufacturing process to deliver simply the best wine cellars in the country.  No other manufacture or builder can match the design, quality, durability and strength of our cellars.  As an accomplished mountaineer Ron takes pleasure in literally climbing the racking to demonstrate the strength of the racks.

Originally Ron drilled every hole on a single bit drill press, a time consuming, tedious and expensive process.This led to todays manufacturing process which is at the center of the strength and sturdiness of the racking systems.  Every cellar is hand built to exacting and precise detail.  Stellar Cellars has designed custom manufacturing machines that allow us to efficiently build the systems using doweling at load bearing joint.  Doweling the joints instead of dado or pocket holes, common with our competitors, attains the strength of a mortise and tenon joint, considered the strongest type of joint for woodworking.  Mortise and tenon are used when very large structures are created for even greater strength.

Strength and Details

Post and beams.jpg


Made to Stand the Test of Time

Our Cellars are built to last for generations

4 way joint.jpg


Attention to Detail

Nothing left to chance, the hidden details make a difference

Clean post and beam mockup.jpg

Proprietary Process

Clean and Beautiful

The closer you look the better we look

Cellar 1.15_edited.jpg


Pride in Fit and Finish

Our craftspeople are never satisfied until it is done right.