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Properly presenting and featuring fine wines as a central theme is proven to increase sales and create an inviting atmosphere.  Our designs are unique to the establishment and environment you want to create.

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Your investment in fine wines deserve a safe, secure and elegant environment.  Our cellars are the strongest and sturdiest in the industry while maintaining the beauty and function your collection deserves. 

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Whether you want to create a room to entertain and enjoy with guests, a tranquil getaway or a centerpiece to your home our designs will create the perfect space.  Properly storing and displaying your collection will enhance the experience and enjoyment of your fine wines.

Upcoming Projects


Summer 2019

Steakhouse and Grill - Dallas TX.  This will be a spectacular wine display and storage system that spans two floors, a private dining room and a third display area.  The two story section will be 30 feet high.



Private collector - Guatemala.  Over the past two years we have worked with this collector to design, build and install their "Cava" in a spectacular new home.  With the main house recently completed we have finalized the design and begun work on "Cava".


Summer 2019

Private residence - Oklahoma.  The home is in "tornado alley" and the owner came up with the idea of turning a tornado safe structure into a wine storage and entertainment facility.  The design maximizes storage space in a modern feel.